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Discover CLI !!!

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Discover CLI !!!

After this amazing week of great news (Amex BCE & SPG approvals), I decided to go ahead and request a CLI on my Discover Card. I was a little discouraged because I had tried the automated line last week and they declined me for a 2k increase. Also I have been reading about how conservative Discover is, so I almost decided against calling in. However, I assumed my decline was from a soft pulled report when my util was 89%. So I called the Recon number and they were able to direct me to the correct department.


He asked me a couple of questions, and then asked if I would be ok with a HP (which I was prepared for). I said yes, and he came back and said I was approved! CL is now 5k! I wonder if I could have gotten more, but whatever. 

Scores: EX: 793 EQ: 804 TU: 801
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Re: Discover CLI !!!

Congrats! Thats a nice limit from conservative Discover.

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