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Discover CLIs

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Re: Discover CLIs

Discover gave me a auto CLI from $6500 to $8000 at the end of my 5th month.

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Re: Discover CLIs

   I concur with what someone else here said. Might as well ask for a nice round number like 10k.

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Re: Discover CLIs

So whats the news OP?? Did you go for it?

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Re: Discover CLIs

isoldmyatlas wrote:

1 month from now is my 6 month point with Discover.  I know they do auto CLIs but that they usually arent that big, and if you ask for a large one they'll generally say its a HP.  I know they pull TU/EQ, which is great for me since I barely have any INQs on those: come April, it will be 1 w/i the past year on TU, and 2 w/i the past year on EQ.

There's a pretty good chance you may receive an auto CLI at the 6 month mark. 


I received an auto CLI on my Discover after 6 months.  It wasn't an earthshattering increase, but still about 30% increase.  


Good luck!

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Re: Discover CLIs

Thanks for the input, everyone!  Although I don't think I'd ask for 10k, I think they'd be pretty skittish about that since I've gone from 0 to 7 cards in the past year!  For those of you who did get an increase after 6 months, how soon after your 6th statement cut did it happen?

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Re: Discover CLIs

LS2982 wrote:
Yearmark was today... no auto luv. Smiley Sad

I am so disappointed with discover. I feel like SDing It.

I know it sucks, but you might have to sacrifice a hard if you want a CLI from Discover. If you SD it, you probably won't ever get an auto CLI from Discover. What was your usage like on your Discover card?

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Re: Discover CLIs

After lurking forever I decided to start sharing.  I know this is a late response, but I got my Discover with an initial credit limit of 2,500 the end of 2011 and pretty much kept it maxed for most of 2012, this year I finally started being proactive with util % making multiple payments a month and got an unexpected auto CLI to 10,400 in April which was about 14 months after getting the card.  I'm guessing had I been better with my ratios in 2012 I would've gotten an increase sooner. 

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Re: Discover CLIs

If you are going to take the HP, go for 20k as that is the max without docs, that is what i was told last week.


Home improvement is a great reason why you need so much.



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Re: Discover CLIs

It seems to me they like reasonable balance carrying. I got all kinds of auto love from them when I carried a balance. I went from starting at $3k to $6100 while carrying a balance and paying intrest all within a year and a half. I dont do that any more and no more auto love. I did request an increase a few months back. I think I asked to go from $6100 to 10k. They came back with a SP increase of $500 or try for more with a HP. I took the SP increase.  I wouldnt use too many hard pulls with discover when a good amout of usage can lead to auto increases. I save my hard pulls for cards like chase where an auto CLI is a rare thing. 

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Re: Discover CLIs

By jove!  I think I've discovered the secret to getting a CLI from Discover: automatic monthly charges.


After 15 months with Discover and getting turned down for a $1k CLI at the 12mo mark, June was the first time I let my utilities, phone, and insurance hit my card using their autopay features.  Just for kicks, I decided to probe the system again and got approved via phone for $1500!  


Interestingly enough, Discover seems to know I've used the card to autopay my bills.  When I click the little plus sign on my account page to see the charge details, there is a line that reads " Recurring Billing Indicator: Y ".   Little else has changed.  The total spend for this month should be in line with previous spending.


Go figure! Smiley Happy

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