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Discover Card CLI

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Re: Discover Card CLI

cheddar wrote:

MrCredit wrote:
When you get transferred to a rep=Full app


That is not a hard and fast rule with Discover.  They do soft pull CLIs through reps, too.




This is true. When I called to see if I could get an increase in July, I didn't use the automated number, but opted to speak with someone to kinda get a feel with what I could get and if I could get an increase at that time. The CSR asked me what I would like my CL to be and I said 3k, and he said that was perfect and approved me for that with a review of my account only. The limit was 1.7k when I started with it.


Personally, on the most recent increase, I didn't want to risk a CSR since I got the line bumped 4 months ago but was testing the automated line for CLI and it happened to work for me.


This is why sharing information here can be so useful. Smiley Happy



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