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Discover Card Reconsider with a Co-Applicant

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Discover Card Reconsider with a Co-Applicant

So, I applied for a Discover Motiva Card this morning and got a message that while they could not approve me for a card, they would reconsider my application with a co-applicant.  I have done a very good job of rebuilding my credit over the past three years and while I am an authorized user on 3 of my husbands cards (1 AMEX, 1 Citibank Visa, and 1 PNC Visa - his credit is definitely better than mine), it is important to me to be able to qualify on my own (I have 1 AMEX, 1 Kroger Brand Mastercard, 1 Capital One, and just got my own Citibank Forward) and he is in total agreement with it.


My question - does anyone else have any experience with Discover's co-applicant process?  I am leaning towards waiting 6 months and just reapplying again on my own. The fact that they even gave me the option of the co-app is a step in the right direction.  Last time I got a flat out "no, but you can be considered for our HSBC branded card" which I declined. 



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