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Discover Cash Back - Movies Category issues

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Discover Cash Back - Movies Category issues

Hello. Has anyone ever ran into issues with purchasing something from the "category" only to have it not classifed when it posts as that "category"? 


i.e. i bought movie tickets on Fandango and it was classifed as "merchandise" I guess bc Fandango sells DVDs as well?  I have no idea.  All I did was type in to buy tickets and was redirected to this site and bought my tix in advance. 


Anyways - I called Discover to see if they would give me credit in July and the rep told me he would make an exception on the next statement and he would even follow up (in true Discover customer service fashion)  but I didn't see it on my August statement and he didn't follow up.  I called back and had to argue and have to wait another 30 days for the cash back bonus. Ridiculous.  

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Re: Discover Cash Back - Movies Category issues

I've had this happen.


What I did was fax my statement with the spending in question highlighted to the person I was speaking with for review.  In 30 days, the cashback posted.  Discover is very good--at least from my limited experience--at following up with missing points.

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Re: Discover Cash Back - Movies Category issues

Ya, I mean, they do have a good reputation.  I was suprised when I didn't see it on this statement, he did assure me it would be on my next statement and that an exception would be made since I did purchase movie tickets.  The fact that I didn't see it and had to spend another 20 minutes on the phone is frustrating.  The girl told me I'd have to wait til next statement, which sucks. 

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