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Discover Credit Scores...

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Discover Credit Scores...

I got my Discover It card in the mail today (yay!).  What kind of confused me is that on the letter they sent me, they said my Equifax FICO was 728 - on the same day that myfico said it was 752.  I know there's only one true fico which one is right?

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Re: Discover Credit Scores...

I remember reading something about Discover's score being "bankcard enhanced"..whatever that means.

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Re: Discover Credit Scores...

as mentioned elsewhere today, there are 49 versions of FICO scores so both scores are right, its just a matter of which one the creditor is using

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Re: Discover Credit Scores...

When I applied for mine, MyFico said 806, Discover said 800. Close enough I guess



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Re: Discover Credit Scores...

My girlfriend just got her $1,200 discover it card and it showed her fico score was only 651.

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Re: Discover Credit Scores...

Got my IT card a week or so ago, and the Discover score was the same as myFico EQ 744 on the same day.

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Re: Discover Credit Scores...

My Discover EQ FICO was 699. Myfico EQ at the time was like 680.

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Re: Discover Credit Scores...

Without their stating so, we're pretty confident that Discover isn't using the EQ version found here, namely EQ Beacon 5.0 / EQ FICO '04 base or classic.


It's possible they're using:

  • FICO '04 Bankcard-enhanced
  • FICO '08
  • FICO '08 Bankcard-enhanced (my personal bet)

The other options aren't particularly likely; however, sadly without a lot more anecodtal data or unless there becomes a legal mandate to disclose the exact score that was used, we're sort of making SWAG's.

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Re: Discover Credit Scores...

No FICO score yet credit too young, just moved here from UK  with 2 months secured cards reporting approved for Discover Motiva 12/12.Approval  letter had my Creditkarma score 713Woman Surprised just PCed  it to IT getting it first week in February.

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