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Discover Grad! Yes it is real

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Discover Grad! Yes it is real

I have not been online here in a while due to farming but I just got some GREAT news. Discover graduated me! 


Opened: 24 June 2018 (195 days ago)

Security Deposit: $500.00

Paid in full every month.

Always exceeded $500 use every month most of the time multiple times (put paid as soon as it posted) 


My FICOs have not broke the 700 barrier but I am just hovering really close. 


I really did not expect the graduation as I have recently shot up in inquiries due to a auto loan and I recently picked up an Ollo Card and was going to drop my Secured USAA Amex with $1200 sitting their doing absolutely nothing.  I also picked up a Khols card so the wife could take advantage of their rewards or what I call hook lines. 


I never expected to be where I am now  less than 1 year after a BK7 discharge.


The only bummer is that my rewards did not change so I don't have access to the quarterly rewards bonus. I am stuck with the 1% unlimited and 2% gas stations & restaurants up to $1000 per quarter. But hey it's unsecured now Smiley Happy 


Screenshot_436.png2k is not the greatest but YES!


I will update my signature later in the week. 

Signature update coming soon.

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Re: Discover Grad! Yes it is real

Congrats. You could have changed the card at any time. I changed mine after my first statement.

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Re: Discover Grad! Yes it is real

Congrats on your graduation (and all your progress)!   


And hey -- if you can, maybe consider holding off on closing your USAA secured card for a bit... there's a post floating around here from about a week ago regarding changes being made to the USAA secured -- the changes are currently unknown but perhaps there will finally be an ability to graduate??  That would make it worth holding on to.


Also - Happy New Year!


EDIT:  Link to that post about USAA secured:

Looks like a 'new' secured card is coming --I don't know but may be worth it to wait and see if the new features will extend to existing card holders.

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Re: Discover Grad! Yes it is real

Congratulations on moving from secured to unsecured!

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Re: Discover Grad! Yes it is real


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Re: Discover Grad! Yes it is real

Congrats! Discover has been a solid card for me for CLIs. Garden and grow it!

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Re: Discover Grad! Yes it is real

Congrats my 7th statement cut today. Waiting to see if it will unsecure on my end
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Re: Discover Grad! Yes it is real

Congrats, I love my discover card welcome to the unsecured life great work!
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Re: Discover Grad! Yes it is real

Yay for you Farmer forJat!!!!! And thanks for posting how you used it ....that's a nice cli too.

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Re: Discover Grad! Yes it is real

Going from $500 secured to $2k unsecured....that's a great increase!  Congrats!

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