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Discover IT CLI Denied :(

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Discover IT CLI Denied :(

Too many new accounts
Too many new INQ's

Well I can't argue that, but those accounts had purpose. Oh well!!

No hard feelings, just try it again at the yearmark. Continue using for 5% categories.

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Re: Discover IT CLI Denied :(

Bummer! Smiley Frustrated


When I reconned my Freedom, I told the rep that I was just repositioning some things (I got the same reasons as you), but she didn't seem to care. Sometimes there really is a purpose to those apps!  Fortunately, I called back and got a more understanding ear.


You'll have better luck at a year. Smiley Wink

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Re: Discover IT CLI Denied :(

Kinda disappointing Cap1 gave me a CLI and Discover didn't, they're now my lowest limit bankcard Smiley Sad

EQ FICO 548 3/3/16
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Re: Discover IT CLI Denied :(

Don't feel bad, Citi denied my CLI for too many new accounts too....I look at it as the consequence of moving some things around, and getting the cards I wanted.

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Re: Discover IT CLI Denied :(

Bummer Smiley Sad


What's your current CL on your Discover?


Was it a HP? Mine was a customer initiated so it was a HP



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Re: Discover IT CLI Denied :(

Smiley Sad

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Re: Discover IT CLI Denied :(

That Stinks! Who knew that your Cap one card would wind up having a higher limit than your Discover!!


Goal: 700 and an Amex Card!

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Re: Discover IT CLI Denied :(

Uh oh!!!! Lol
At least C1 gave in haha!
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Re: Discover IT CLI Denied :(

Didn't you just get in with Discover recently??

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