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Discover IT Initial CL

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Discover IT Initial CL

I just applied for the Discover IT card yesterday and received a counter offer for a higher APR version which is fine since I don't plan to carry a balance so I accepted. I didn't receive the credit limit on the approval page so I called in to speak with the customer service team (and I wanted to see if my experience would be the same as others in terms of excellent service) and spoke with a nice woman in Delaware who told me my limit was $1k. Now, I have a few other cards that I don't think one would consider prime cards but they all have higher limits.


Has anyone had any experience with Discover and increasing your iniital limit? I asked the CSR and she said once it has been established I would have to wait 3 months and I'm assuming a HP before I could increase it. Not sure what report they pulled or what the score was but since I didn't get the best APR I assume they will be sending a letter with the details.


At any rate its nice to be a part of the real Discover family! Rebuilding is on track, now its time to hit the garden for a longgg time. Closing Crapital One was the best part of the journey so far!


Currently in my Wallet:

Credit Union Visa: $2k

FNBO Discover: $4.6k

Walmart Store Card: $1.6k

Best Buy Store Card: $.5k

PNC Points Visa: $1.5

Discover IT: $1k


Next goal, buying my first house!

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Re: Discover IT Initial CL

Just be patient. I'd wait 6 months show heavy use. Discover does like a balance.
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Re: Discover IT Initial CL

Heavy use and PIF for 6 months did not work for me. Will SD and use for Shop Discover only now. Looks to me that Discover likes to be highest or lowest card in collection Smiley Happy
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Re: Discover IT Initial CL

use it and they should show you some auto luv @ 6 mo.  just curious though why 2 discover cards? i see you already have a FNBO Discover, so why app for the IT, is the rewards structure sig. different?


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