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Discover IT came today

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Re: Discover IT came today

The card is not metal. It's plastic.


Some have said...

1. IT feels heavier than the More card

2. IT weighs the same but has a different texture

3. No differences, but feels tougher

4. No differences  at all.



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Re: Discover IT came today

In the photo in the online application page the DISCOVER IT card appears to be blue/white. In your photo it looks like the same silver color as the DISCOVER MORE card. I know this is a ridiculous thing to ask about but I'm just curious as to the appearance of the new IT card. I don't like that my MORE card says cashback bonus on the front.

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Re: Discover IT came today

My IT card came today. I have never ever been a fan of flat cards....until now. Smiley Wink The texture/feel of the card make it better to me. I never liked it based on the photos online discovers site but I love it in real life.

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Re: Discover IT came today

FYI: I can verify that you can easily PC to a Discover IT once you are approved for a Discover More. I recently applied and was approved for a Discover More card. After discovering (no pun intended) the Discover IT card I called and asked if I could PC once I received my new card in the mall and was told that it would be no problem. 

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