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Discover IT

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Re: Discover IT

My credit isn't perfect, working on my score , it's 649 experian right now.  I had a really bad 2008/2009.  That did me in.  I am much better off than a year ago though.  I was a 556 experian less than a year ago.

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Re: Discover IT

You probly just need to verify info, call 1800 discover.
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Re: Discover IT

mytime321 wrote:

Broke out of the garden, I'll be heading back there ASAP, but applied for a discover IT.  I received a notice that my application was received but , "Please allow up to 30 days for your application to be processed."


So has anyone had an approval come after this?  I was thinking of calling the Recon team tomorrow.

I received the 5-7 message and then received a screen that asked for information to set up an account. I then got an email with the 30 day message. I called to get an update and was approved (but with a low limit). 


Good luck and please post an update. 

Back in the garden until 10/2015.

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Re: Discover IT

Mytime, our situations sound similar, so I am interested in how it turns out for you.


Best of luck!

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