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Discover IT??

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Discover IT??

Hi guys!  We are trying to determine our next card move.  We closed on our first home 10/24 and are now looking to upgrade our credit card collection.  We have had the NFCU Cash Rewards Visa with $25k limit, so I am not interested in rattling that tree anymore for now.  Since closing, we got a Sears Citi Card for interest free appliances and were just approved for the USAA Amex last week.  We have about 5 piddly credit cards between us and now want to grow up and hold quality cards, not just cards.  Does anyone have any feelings towards the Discover IT, or another card they love??

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Re: Discover IT??

Discover is great for the rotating 5% cats. You being a new home owner Lowes card is great to have and will grow being GECRB.

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Re: Discover IT??

Discover also now has a sign-up bonus on for $150 after spending $750, which may prove worthwhile!

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Re: Discover IT??

I like the Discover IT.


Sallie Mae World mastercard, for Gas if nothing else (up to $250/month worth of gas). plus 5% Grocery and 5% bookstores (


Since you have a family, the Sallie Mae monthly grocery limit will probably be limiting, so add a American Express Blue Cash Preferred. It has an annual fee, though. Blue Cash Everyday if you really don't like the fee.


Work on getting a US Bank Cash+ (or two). And the Fidelity Investment Rewards Amex for 2% on everything.


Much later, consider adding Chase Freedom, Citi Dividend, Huntington Voice, BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards(this one returns a high cash back percentage if used for a small monthly purchase. Like an internet bill, or a cable TV bill, etc).


If you need a travel card, someone else can advise Smiley Wink

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