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Discover IT

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Discover IT

Was wondering if anyone could give advice on approval odds?


I know that I would most likely get declined (595 TU score from here as of Jan 20th). 


But my DW wants to app.  She just pulled her TU score from here and it says 644.  She currently has a few cards as follows:


Cap 1 Secured $300

Cap 1 Quicksilver One $500

NFCU goRewards $4000

NFCU Secured $600 (joint card with me)

And a couple of the "cart trick cards"  $250 limit on all


I know I have read through the boards and seen people approved with less and most of the time they look at TU.  We are in rebuild mode - about halfway thru it all, and would love to get "in" with Discover.  Just hate to get that HP.  She did try the pre-qualify thing, but no luck - just says we recommend this and shows the IT card. 


She has a few baddies on her report, all medical and over 2 years old...we are working on those atm. 

Utilization is around 30% total

And the cart cards and goRewards are basically new - 2 statements into those


Any advice is greatly appreciated Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Discover IT

I would say no chance.

Discover isn't BK friendly.
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Re: Discover IT

I got approved for it after receiving a preapproved letter in the mail. They pulled TU which at the time was 652 with 11 baddies all 180 day lates from end of 2012- early 2013.  I only had a capital one platinum with a $500 CL and a merrick bank card with a $550 CL, both with very high utilizations but on-time payments. They approved me for $500. I tried to recon for a higher ICL but was denied and told to wait 6 months. I am however happy to be about a part of the Discover family. It was my first prime card in almost 10 years after royally messing up my credit in college.


All of that to say she may have a shot at getting approved, but as with anything it's YMMV. Good luck to you both!

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Re: Discover IT

It is hard to say, YMMV...

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Re: Discover IT

DigitalArk wrote:

It is hard to say, YMMV...


Discover is one of the most unpredictable lenders....similar to spinning the fortune wheel...Good luck !

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Re: Discover IT

Personally, I'd wait until they start sending you letters.

I kept getting them and finally took a dive when they had one of those nice sign up bonus offers. 

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Re: Discover IT

They pulled EQ for me when I applied last year. I had a score right around 640 and my 3 cap one cards and care credit. I was denied due to bk. I would try and get your util lower if you are going to try. That would boost the score too.

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Re: Discover IT

Do you know how many inqs she has on her reports? How old are her cards? Discover isn’t necessarily "hard" to get but it’s not really one of the easiest cards to obtain either.. I app'd for a Discover numerous times in 3 years and was denied every time!

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Re: Discover IT

They pulled EQ for wifey, and pulled EX for me...and we have the same address and last name...good luck!

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Re: Discover IT

+1 to H4LO

I would consider apping with negs without an invitation or prequal from Discover a waste.
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