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Discover It came today!


Discover It came today!

Wasn't expecting it at all, since I ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon, I thought the package was something I ordered. Opened it up, and the card was in a blue box.


For anyone who's seen pictures of the card, but not in person, it looks MUCH better in person (And that's saying a lot, considering it looks nice in pictures). It's the same material as other discover cards, but it looks metal, and I swear it feels thicker. It's extremely shiny and has a different type of texture on the front (excluding the "It" logo in the top right corner, which is smooth). I love that the card number is on the back, reminds me of the CSP.


Very happy I PCed, even if it was solely for cosmetic purposes. Excited to see what new card designs they come up with for the It - first one already looks great in my opinion.

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Re: Discover It came today!

I am cracking up laughing at myself because as I was reading your description (while also thinking of LS's description yesterday) I started getting really excited and thinking I WANT ONE!!!!  LOL!!  I will be adding that to my list of cards to have in the future!!!

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