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Discover More CLI....denied :-(

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Re: Discover More CLI....denied :-(

CS800 wrote:

Sorry about your decline Smiley Sad


If it's an auto like most other companies it's a HP


Discover is very conservative though. They don't want to push me past $13.5K

Yeah,  I've read on here that Discover is conservative.  Just gotta wait it out I guess.  I've been told Discover auto CLI's are soft pulls, not hard.  That's been the case with all the auto CLI's I've received on my other cards as well (Chase, Amazon etc.).

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Re: Discover More CLI....denied :-(

Discover is definitely one of the more quirky lenders, so I wouldn't take it as a commentary on your overall creditworthiness. They rarely dole out large lines right from the get-go, or anytime soon thereafter, regardless of your credit... I had my Discover for nearly two years without an auto-CLI, until recently I was able to double the line by requesting one through the online system. I did end up speaking with a credit analyst following that approval, and he indicated that your best bet is to use the CLI system no more often than every three months.


For what it's worth, if you call and express your disaproval (and use some magic words indicating how much you'd like to use your Discover card more often), they can more than likely sign you up for some type of "Spend X, Get Y" promo.

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