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Discover More Pre Approval

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Re: Discover More Pre Approval

TU in Texas (Plano)
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Re: Discover More Pre Approval

 fevmlo wrote:

TU for me in 2008 in OH.

EX for me in 2007 (when I got a denial) also in OH.


Wouldn't worry about missing out on the pre-approval if you wait 'til July. Where there's one Discover pre-app, others are sure to follow, I promise you! I took them up on the first offer that landed in my mailbox (as I was very excited to receive one, having been wanting the card enough to app and get declined a year previously!), and I received maybe 6 or 8 more within a few weeks, after I'd got my card.


If your original plan was to wait until July, I'd stick with it - the older your existing accounts, the fewer inqs you have on your reports, and the higher your scores, the better things are bound to go! If they want you as a customer now, they'll still want you in July... and maybe with a higher CL, etc etc.






i apped on 1st preapp i got too (12/08), also received several more preapps after approval.  good that you're planning to app when you know you'll feel ready.  i was denied on EX more than a year prior to my approval last december.

DCU EQ 5.0, Citi EQ 08 Bankcard, PenFed EX NG2
EX 08: AFCU, Amex, Chase, PSECU EX 98(?)
TU 08: Barclays, Discover
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Re: Discover More Pre Approval

They pulled my eq in Maryland, had a fico of 740. Got my card on Sat., 6K line. The inq put me down to 739 and then when the account reported my score went to 745. Go figure.... 
Eq 785 TU 786 Ex ???
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Re: Discover More Pre Approval

Just a heads up....I received a pre-approval from Discover in Dec. also. I put off apping until after it had expired. I did a cold app online instead. I was approved with a $5000 limit but did not receive the APR that I was offered in the pre-app. Several points higher...totally wishing I had waited to receive another pre-approval. I think you often get the best terms that way.


I'm in NV and they pulled EQ, my worst score, the only report still showing my 8 yr. old BK and the only report with my one baddie, a 6 yr old Dr. bill.  They softed EX for the pre-approval. 

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Re: Discover More Pre Approval

Thanks everyone for your answers! I believe that they will definetly pull TU because I live in Dallas and everyone I talk to that lives in the area have had TU pulled. I was going to app for this and if I was denied I was going to go with the Bofa secured instead but Im going to apply for the secured anyways and no more applying for credit for me for 2 years.
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