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Discover More or Barclays Apple??

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Re: Discover More or Barclays Apple??

BallaOnnaBudget wrote:

I am a regular forum reader and have posted once or twice.  I'd like some advice on whether or not to pull the trigger on a new card.



1 cap one sec -$200 AoA - 11 months, no missed payments

1 auto loan AoA - 1 year 2 months, no missed payments

No baddies at all

Salary 48k


Scores TU-712, EX - 703 


Applied for a chase freedom in Nov. with similar scores and was denied for "not enough revolving accts" and "age of accts"

I would like another charge card so i can garden till next year.  What do you think my chances are for a Discover More or Barclays Apple??


Thanks in advance

If your goal is to establish credit so you can get prime CCs, you might want to app with Walmart. GEMB gave me my first rebuilder cc with only a one year installment loan in my cr. Plus, they are good with CLIs, whether they can still be done every 4 mos or not. Also, that will give you your monthly TU FICO. 2 birds, one stone. Smiley Very Happy

Then, I'd do what was suggested... Look at local CUs and any of the bigger ones you can join, as they are easier to work with when establishing credit.
EQ FICO 750 | TU FICO 761 (Walmart) | EX FAKO 767 | Goal: 800+

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Re: Discover More or Barclays Apple??

Thanks.. If you can remember did you have to recon or was it an instant approval for the discover? Also I see you have the apple card. How long after the discover were you able to get it? Was it a Reich? Sorry for all the questions I just don't want to waste an INQ!
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