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Re: Discover More

pt2005 wrote:

maiden_girl wrote:

I just noticed Discover got rid of the credit score tracker...I was going to enroll today too. Damn.

I read from last week that Discover is paying $214 mil for court fines and stuff for "misleading" users to register for the ScoreTracker. Looks like they will hold on to it for a while to make some changes, or they will simply drop it.


Anyway, back to the original topic: I got approved for $1000 with 3.99 APR. Got 7-10 message. Called Analyst and talked to about 15 minutes. Finally he said "it looks like you're rebuilding your credit, right?" I said yes. Then he gave me $1000. That was Oct 2012. Since then I've been using it a lot by putting 2-3K through it already and paid like 5 times. Have not seen an Auto yet. Also I tried calling numerous numbers to ask for CLI but received message "You have to wait 6 months".


I would like to hear from folks who receive auto CLI from Discover before 6th month. Thanks

3.99 APR? Wow. I got approved with a 18.99% APR after my 0% promo period. You must have been invited. Pre-approval right? Right after I did the app, I got a preapproval for 9.99% APR. Lol. Discover is somewhat conservative. They do give auto CLIs after 6 months (6 statements). I still have 3 more statements to go before I see an increase. I made a lot of use out of my card so we shall see what they give me.

As of 2017, rebuilding...
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Re: Discover More

My wife got it with a 658 EQ. She had some baddies from 2007. Had to call in but approved for $1200.
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Re: Discover More

I was invited to apply. My EQ FICO was 670 at the time. I only had student loans that I have been paying on since 2006 (one which was almost paid in full)...never late. SO this was my first card and I was instantly approved for $11.3K

In my wallet: Discover More $11,300 11/2/12 | Chase Freedom $500 11/8/12

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Re: Discover More

I had a 719 at the time, they pulled Equifax and gave me $10,000

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Re: Discover More

I was approved with a score in teh 700s.  They started me out with a low limit.  They tripled it in about a year or so without my asking.  Shopdiscover and the 5% categories are awesome.  I highly recommend this card.

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