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Discover - NO CLI - Sign of the times ?

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Re: Discover - NO CLI - Sign of the times ?

brisdad wrote:

I've had my Discover More for about, oh, 90 minutes or so, and my cl is HALF of my Chase Visa. I got the pre-aqpproved letter (with reference number, 0% until 2010, 5-20% cash back, bla bla) and thought 'what the heck'. I'm not happy with the limit, and I asked her if she could sweeten it a tad and get it at least close to 10k. I guess the 7 other new accounts in the past month kinda put the kabosh on that. I was also told I'd be much happier in 6 months, that's when I should look for a super cli. FYI, the woman at cs said they were being VERY careful about credit limts now, but not so much about opening a new account.


Now I'm REALLY REALLY done applying for more cards!



I seriously wonder about the thought process behind some of these actions. I wouldn't want to draw any undo attention a situation like that. A recon is a recon and everything is back on the table.


On the otherhand I had two new accounts reporting when I app'ed my Discover Card in AUG. I received an $8.1K CL (plus the intro APR/BT) and am quite pleased. The card is good. Use it and enjoy it. One more thing - Discover will expect to see use when you ask for that CLI in six months. DFS rewards use and not SD'ing!

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Re: Discover - NO CLI - Sign of the times ?

Jm, there's a lot of validity to your post, I was simply curious about a reference numbered pre-approval versus the ambiguous ones that are merely based on your base Fico scores. I like having a lot of credit cards again, but I don't need them. That means I'm in a position to be a guinea pig of sorts to test the unknown credit waters. I've heard people say that Discover wouldn't touch you if you had 4-6 inquiries or new cl's in the past year and others who claim just the opposite. But as far as I'm concerned, it's just another prime card that I can keep for years. It was definitely a gamble, but I'm old enough to be able to take one every once in a while. BTW, When I talked to cs, she asked why I was interested in a Discover card. I told her, with the Big 3 (Chase, Citi, BofA) buying up every podunk bank around, it created a greated financial risk for the foreseeable future and I was looking for a card with stability, Boy, that sure scored me a few points.
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Re: Discover - NO CLI - Sign of the times ?

Discover has always been known as a conservative lender. They are very cautious with CLIs, frankly one of their less likeable traits in my book. Still stuck at $1000 PIF and had account for one year.
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