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Discover Q3 Category Announced

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Re: Discover Q3 Category Announced

@northface28 wrote:
I am simply astonshised at the amount of you that eat this fast food crap. I lost close to 30 lbs just cutting fast food. It could be 50% cash back and It'll be a hard pass for me.

Fast food daily? Yeah, not smart. I was thinking Q3 restaurants? Another quarter my Discover gets almost no use except for two or maybe three times a month I hit fast food, which includes Subway, which is pretty healthy with whole grain bread & non processed meat like turkey breast. I live in the boonies and it's just too far to drive to a nice restaurant very often, but that's nice on the budget.


Speaking of Discover, they must have a deal with streaming video companies for lower processing fee - I had my Discover card among others in my Google & Walmart Wallet, whenever I rent or purchase streaming from Google Play or Vudu (I use my Walmart account for Vudu) they always charged Discover. I want those small charges to go to my low hanging fruit, my no fee Merrick bank Visa, to keep it active, so I had to remove Discover from Google & Walmart.

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Re: Discover Q3 Category Announced

Yay!  Restaurants is my biggest spend category.    I'll probably use Marvel MC as my backup for when places don't take Discover, and then I can choose a category other than Fast Food for Cash+.   

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