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Discover Secured Card?

Re: Discover Secured Card?

I got my card today and tried to activate it. NOPE. It says I have to call in. When I do they sent me some type of SSA form that I have to fill out and turn in along with my ID and social security card. They didn't know they wanted this the last 2 weeks???? If I used profanity I would have cursed them out for making me wait this long just to force me to wait longer. Ugh. 

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Re: Discover Secured Card?

Does anyone know how long the identity verification takes with discover? I figured they were done since they have shown up on my credit reports, but nope. How can they be on my credit report if they can't verify that I'm me? I don't get it.

I asked them when their review would be over and they said they don't know and can't give me a time frame. WHAT?! Any insight is welcome.

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Re: Discover Secured Card?

Sorry to hear about all your troubles with this. I'm sure this is all COVID related. I applied for and received my card back in February and didn't have to go through any of the horror stories that I'm hearing about now. Hopefully when things get back to something resembling normal, all of this will go away. 

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Re: Discover Secured Card?

I just got the email saying my card is finally unlocked. I really hope I don't go through anything else because this was nerve wrecking. I'm glad you didn't have to go through all the verification issues bc it's a nightmare.

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Re: Discover Secured Card?

I'm glad you're straightened out now. Put that experience behind you and dont look back!

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Re: Discover Secured Card?

What is "shopping cart trick"?

@IcantThinkofAdecentNAME wrote:

Over the weekend I did the "shopping cart trick" for Victoria's Secret (thanks!) and I also applied for an opensky card and a discover it.

My question is: if discover it says "my credit checks out" and to make a payment to complete my application, am I approved? I was reading online that people suddenly got thrown a curve ball after paying the deposit, so now I'm afraid to pay it. Any input on this? I only have 1 card which is the capital one secured card. My credit file is extremely thin.


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Re: Discover Secured Card?

@MissMercy83 here's a good place to start.


There is a master thread of data points here at or you can use the search feature including 'SCT' if you're looking for posts relevant to a specific card. 


Between those 2 links I posted you should be able to come up to speed quickly. 



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