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Discover Secured Graduation?

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Re: Discover Secured IT Graduation (Data Points)

I sure will! Yes we have very similar stories! Good luck and update on which date Disco does the soft pull...the original or the actual. It’s a Very unique data point to collect!
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Discover graduation!

My Discover It secured card had the 7th statement cut on Friday, and woke up this morning and saw they graduated me with a huge cli!



all three FICO 8s around 740

3 accounts:

Discover it secured- opened 3-1-19 with $200 limit, 9-1-19 Raised to $350 limit, 10-14-19- Graduated, CLI to $2,000.

Target Red Card- opened 7-1-19, $1,000 SL

AMEX BCE- opened 9-26-19, $2,000 SL, still not reporting.

College student with 12,000 income


Off to the garden until my Discover hits 12 months of age so I can get a CFU, because not having a Visa or Mastercard can be a pain. I bank with chase, so I don't believe I would have a problem getting approved for it, but I want to wait just to be safe.


Overall I'm really happy I went with Discover for my first card. I always PIF after letting the statement cut with a $5 balance, and never put more than $100 on the card at a time. I would highly recommend this card to anyone starting out.


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Re: Discover graduation!

Congratulations @awc94

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Re: Discover graduation!

Congrats on the Disco graduation!

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Re: Discover graduation!

Congrats, Btw my Discover Secured Card Cut its 8th Statement today (Cycle Date is the 12th) and still no Graduation 🙄 i was this close to closing my card today in order to get my 1000.00 dollars Back but then they offered me a 12 month 0% apr on puschases, But out of frustration i am not using the card anymore my ficos are Close to mid 700s across the board Credit Reports are clean no Baddies and still no luck. Oh well


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Re: Discover graduation!

Congrats! Huge jump there!

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Amex ED: 18k
Citi DC: 7.7k
Fidelity Visa: 2k
Apple Card: 1.5k
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Re: Discover graduation!

Hi and welcome

A big congratulations to you OP. Your journey is on the right path and your slow and steady pace is going to pay off big time. Kudos to you.

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Re: Discover graduation!



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Re: Discover graduation!

congrats! i have found that most places i go will accept discover and amex. so far amex is the less accepted, but only because i found one place that didn't take it.

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Re: Discover graduation!

My discover it graduated today! From $300 to $750. I think I had a high balance but I’m just happy regardless. Congratulations!!!
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