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Discover Secured Graduation?

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Re: Discover Secured Graduation??

Once you hit your 7th statement beon the lookout up to 5days after your 7th statement cut..Mine graduated by the 10 month 5 days after my statement cut


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Re: Discover Graduation & Utilization

I got a $200 secured card and three months later I applied for an unscured card and was approved for $1200. My secured card graduated on the 7th month but they didn't raise the limit. I called today and requested a CLI, said it would be 24hrs before I hear anything. I have applied for a CLI on the unsecured but was diened. TU score was 640. Since I was approved for the DISCO unsecured Disco card, I've been approved for a Go Rewards NFCU 15K, NFCU Cash Rewards 1K CLI, and AMEX 5K. I'll wait another three months and try again for the CLI.

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Re: Discover Secured Graduation??

Hi There,
I started out with a Discover Secured as Well and yes that means your about to get your cap & gown. Per the advice of other members as long as you paid your bills on time and have kept your utilization low you will in fact graduate and more than likely they will increase your Credit limit as they did for me. My secured CL was $1600 and upon graduation they raised it to $2000 and six months later it’s now $3500. Good job and keep up the good work

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Re: Discover Secured Graduation??

Thanks for the reply everyone! Yes I have always paid my full balance a few times a month so that I can keep utilizing the cashback aspects of having a secured card. As I said before Ive never heard of anyone getting that message before just getting the CLI one day when they wake up after the 7th statement. Appreciate the words of encouragement from everyone I really like this form I feel as though we are all helping each other and having a good time with it! Keep this thread updated to give anyone who needs it what type of CLI Disco gives me so you know what to expect also. 

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Re: Discover Graduation & Utilization

Discover moves in mysterious ways. Mine was unsecured less than a week after my seventh statement, but the CL only went up to $1,500 (from $1,000 secured). Though my scores are well in the 700s, my income is over $100k and I had three other cards (now four) with CLs of $5,000 and another one with a CL of $3,100, and I see posts frequently of people with BK or low scores who got higher CLs.


Maybe they draw straws out of hats or roll dice? I suppose it all makes sense to them, though sometimes, it's hard to come up with explanations.

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Discover Secured Cards That Graduated Highest Limits

I was Wondering Can I get some Input on this Subject about what are some of the Highest limits these cards have grown or do they Peak at a certain limit 3000 to 4000 have anyone's discover secured cards that graduated grown to limits of 10000 or more over time? im very curious all feedback is apppreciated


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Re: Discover Secured Cards That Graduated Highest Limits

The majority of people who graduate and post with a $500 credit line usually end up at $1500-$2000. Its not written in stone. Each person is different in Disco's world. There's no absolute spot on data point to predict what will be the final outcome. Growth on a Disco card secured or unsecured is a guessing game. No one person matches. Some get major luv some get $500 at a time. Cough cough. Smiley Happy

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Re: Discover Secured Graduation?

Mine just graduated exactly 1yr with a 614 tu. 1500 cli.
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Re: Discover Secured Cards That Graduated Highest Limits

Hey mrfufoppss ..  so i started with i think 300 or 500 and after graduating and 3 years later the highest i have gotten is 2100. I use the card everyday as my daily driver and run all bills etc through it . I always pif every month and have not paid not one dime of intrest to them . I tried Monthly hitting that luv button with no luck to trying every 3 months etc and 2100 is the highest ive gotten. My wife in same time frame has gone from about 3k to 20k . I believe my card is bucketted due to it was a secured card that graduated being that my file was a little rough at the time of applying for it. End of day im happy that discover gave me the chance but recently i have moved on to AMex BCE with a starting limit of 8k. hope this helps and have a good day. best of luck.

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Re: Discover Secured Cards That Graduated Highest Limits


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