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Discover Secured Graduation?

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Re: Discover Secured Cards That Graduated Highest Limits

The majority of people who graduate and post with a $500 credit line usually end up at $1500-$2000. Its not written in stone. Each person is different in Disco's world. There's no absolute spot on data point to predict what will be the final outcome. Growth on a Disco card secured or unsecured is a guessing game. No one person matches. Some get major luv some get $500 at a time. Cough cough. Smiley Happy

My posts are JMHO. My siggy is not to brag at all. Just sharing my experiences after learning here from rebuild to recovery after BK DC @ 540's. And to show fellow members what can be accomplished when you do it right and play the FICO Credit Game.
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Re: Discover Secured Graduation?

Mine just graduated exactly 1yr with a 614 tu. 1500 cli.
Fico 8
6/6/2019 EQ:560 TU:593 EX:579
6/23/2020 EQ:661 TU:660 EX:672
Goal: 720

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Re: Discover Secured Cards That Graduated Highest Limits

Hey mrfufoppss ..  so i started with i think 300 or 500 and after graduating and 3 years later the highest i have gotten is 2100. I use the card everyday as my daily driver and run all bills etc through it . I always pif every month and have not paid not one dime of intrest to them . I tried Monthly hitting that luv button with no luck to trying every 3 months etc and 2100 is the highest ive gotten. My wife in same time frame has gone from about 3k to 20k . I believe my card is bucketted due to it was a secured card that graduated being that my file was a little rough at the time of applying for it. End of day im happy that discover gave me the chance but recently i have moved on to AMex BCE with a starting limit of 8k. hope this helps and have a good day. best of luck.

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Re: Discover Secured Cards That Graduated Highest Limits


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Re: Discover Secured Cards That Graduated Highest Limits

I think the OP was asking the highest CL ever achieved by cards that were once secured - not the CL that they directly unsecure to.


In other words, if you had a Discover that unsecured (for example) four years ago and since then, you sought CLIs, what have you gotten it up to. I think the purpose of the question is to determine if formerly secured Discover cards are bucketed or something similar.


I am interested as well, but have no data to contribute. My card unsecured on around Dec. 17 to $1,500 and I haven't gotten a CL since then.

No derogs, but tons of inquiries and heavy credit-seeking behavior. In March of 2019, I had no open accounts, a charge-off, two collections, and scores in the low 500s. What I call the "thick build method" worked for me, but may not work for every situation.

Authorized user / Corporate / Auto loan / Personal loan

Card CLs total $85,100, not counting the AU card. The AU card brings the total to $110,100. In March 2019, card CLs totaled $0.

Closed but still on reports: ExxonMobil, $950, 10/08-02/11 (Equifax only) | Citi secured, $200, 04/19-09/19 | Capital One secured, $300, 04/19-08/19 | My Jewelers Club, $5,000, 05/19-08/19 | Green Dot Primor, $300, 05/19-08/19 | Self Lender secured $500 loan, 04/19-01/20 | Unsecured personal loan from Coastal, $1,000, 06/19-08/19.
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My DiscoverIt Secured Graduated!!!

Hey guys,


My 7th statement for my Discover secured card cut on the 16th. Didn't get an email or letter yet but noticed my CL went from $1200 to $2000 overnight and also my CLI button works!


Here's some details for anyone interested:

TU Fico 643

EXP Fico 619 (lots of new accounts holding it down, and my Experian Boost got cancelled due to unsupported bank issues. It was 624 a couple days ago)

Overall utilization across all credit about 10% on EXP, 32% on TU

Always charged up to around $800-$900 and PIF before statement close. Past 2 months I don't use it much.

Went from a $200 deposit to $1200.

Have 1 unpaid charge off from Wells Fargo from about 6 years ago

Also I moved my statement date twice so my statement was due to close in December but was extended a full month! Didn't affect it at all.


Good to see Disco out here unsecuring cards!!

apple-carddiscover-it-secured-card-012518platinum-card-artplatinum--preferred-card-artcapital-one-spark-classic-business-cardciti-secured card

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Re: My DiscoverIt Secured Graduated!!!

Congrats on graduating!

F8 EQ: 805 | EX: 800 | TU: 795 | Accounts: 0/6 2/12 9/24
Happy practitioner of AZE5or6or7or8
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Re: My DiscoverIt Secured Graduated!!!

So heres a frame of reference since I haven't posted again about it.


Secured Discover $300 was activated in June of 2018. It has yet to unsecure


BUT in September of 2019 after my statement cut and still didn't unsecure I decided to run prequalification on their site...


boom, approved for a different card with $5,000 SL.


As of February of 2019 I had completely resolved any debts and everything was paid for as agreed.

I still don't have that card unsecured, but again...given I've acquired either better cards or increases it's becoming less an issue.


Perhaps I'll ask for my $300 back at the two year mark.

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Re: Discover graduation! Steps I took

Graduated today after the 14th statement.  No CLI, tried to request one and was denied (slightly odd given the spend I put through it, but does not really matter since I have the 14.5k card from them).


You nailed it @joltdude - waiting until either account has a CLI so I can merge them.  Thanks again for your advice!

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Re: Discover graduation! Steps I took

Congratulations!!!! That's very promising for the rest of us!


my statement cut the 2/5 and still no graduation. On to month 11!

April 2019 (4 collections)
EQ - 563
TU - 586
EX - 578

March 2020 (0 collections)
EQ - 605
TU - 672
EX - 671
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