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Discover Soft Pull - AR

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Re: Discover Soft Pull - AR

I'm not even interested in a CLI, my main concern was just a CLD for opening up more new accounts or searching for better rates on a auto loan.

5/17/19 TU 771 EX 786 EQ 767 ---- Discover $35,000/BOA $25,000/Macy's $25,000/Sam's Club MC $20,000/AmEx Delta Plat $18,500/Lowe's $15,000/Wells Fargo PLOC $15,000/BOA Cash Rewards $13,800/Apple Rewards $12,100/GM BuyPower $12,000/AmEx Hilton Honors $10,000/Dick's MasterCard $10,000/Citi Simplicity $8200/Citi Double Cash $7900/Wells Fargo Visa $7000/State Farm $4000
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