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Discover .. We need to talk !

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Re: Discover .. We need to talk !



It seems you are in favor of Discover and that's OK. My topic was simply about Discover nerfing their benefits and not introducing anything new in years.


Some posters turned it into an investing debate others turned in into Disco Vs Amex but very few mentioned the continous nerfing and some said "oh, no one needs those .." so I guess most people are ok with their good 5% here and there and don't care about anything else but the cashback rate which is probably what Discover is counting on.


Thank you all for your opinions and input.

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Re: Discover .. We need to talk !

Locked for mod review.


Adding: As some seem to want to take this off topic and post in a borderline FSR manner I see no reason to continue on with this thread it will remain closed.

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