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Discover approval surprise

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Discover approval surprise

Well what a surprise!  I received 3 preapproval letters in the mail (after opting back in) 2 for store cards, 1 for Discover.  I'd included Discover in my BK13 back in 04, so I was hesitant to apply.  I applied, got the instant approval but call for final verification.  The next morning I called, and they said congratulations, you'll receive the card in about 5 days.  They did not offer what thecredit limit was,  and I was assuming it would be low so I didn't ask (frankly I was just thrilled to be approved period).  I was able to access the online account just now and was amazed to find a $7500 credit limit!  Matching my highest limit I have on another card!   My utilization was a bit high so  I was surprised.  Unsure of my current scores I think low 700's.  I guess you can repair after BK!  I wish I'd found this site for advice much earlier in my repair years than I did.  Thanks for the advice you have given me along the way! 

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Re: Discover approval surprise

Congrats ...

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Re: Discover approval surprise

Congrats on your approval, nice CL.

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Re: Discover approval surprise

Nice CL! Congrats!!! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Discover approval surprise

Wow, congrats on the approval and the impressive CL! Discover is usually pretty conservative for CLs, it's surprising they'd match your highest.

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Re: Discover approval surprise

Congrats on your approval!! 


KingAdrock:  Just wanted to say that I'm DIGGIN' THE TAG!  Got FR'd by Amex recently and was not pleased.  I won't be using that card anymore and your tag explained JUST WHY!  Paying for membership to be joined to the "Circle of Paranoia" is not my idea of a good time or good way to spend money.  I can be BROKE an paranoid and no one will ever least not AMEX anyway!  LOL

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Re: Discover approval surprise

Thanks for all the congrats.  I was very surprised with the credit limit, I was expecting perhaps 1,000.  The only reasoning I can imagine, is my highest limit card is my most used card, perhaps they are enticing me to balance transfer, and with 0% for 12 months, I may just do that.  I did an estimator and it would certainly save me money over the next year.  I'm still very shocked at being approved at all.  Shocked and happy. 

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