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Discover auto CLI, 2nd statement cut

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Discover auto CLI, 2nd statement cut

I logged in this morning and saw that CL has been raised. So now my CL is $4000. My 2nd statement cut was on July 4th. Weird that I didn't get any notification or this but I'm not complaining. I've read about this happening so I'm not THAT surprised. I am really hoping that I can hit the $5000 mark by the 6th statement cut as I am trying to get the CSP. So now this matches my Chase Slate. Actually, my Slate had a $750 CL when I applied, but now it has a $4000 CL. Maybe they're just matching my highest CL. When I applied, my highest CL(non AU) was $1250 and Discover gave me $3500. Also, I've been hitting the LUV button everyday since opening, I'm surprised that they didn't take that away from me lol


About my usage if anyone is wondering: First month I pushed around $3600 through the card, let the card report with a $300 balance at statement cut. 2nd month I pushed about $2000 and let it report $50. I've already earned about $100 in cash back, not including the sign up bonus.


Does anyone know if they usually will give an auto CLI around the 4th statement? If they give me another $1000 CLI in the next 4 months, I'll be golden for the CSP!! 

AMEX: $25,000, CSR: $10,000, Chase Priority Club: $1,500, Freedom: $5000, Freedom Unlimited: $1000, Discover: $21,000, BoA $11,000, WF Cash Wise: $5000

EQ FICO - 753
TU FICO - 755
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