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Discover card app 30-day message - denial?

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Discover card app 30-day message - denial?

i applied for a discover card a couple months ago and got denied right away  this time said needs further processing i applied on the 17th of febuary and still waiting  to hear from them . doe,s anyone on here have a discover card and got the 30 day message and then a week or so later got approved please help im scared to call !!!!!!!


(This was originally posted to an old thread; split it off so marie12345 can get input on her question.. - Scamp)

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Re: Discover card app 30-day message - denial?

i submitted a preapproved app. for Discover More a few months ago and received the 30 day msg. i too was hesitant to call as it was a bit of a "reach" application for me and to my delight i had been approved.


it won't hurt any less if you wait it out will it?  i understand if for whatever reason you'd rather wait but in my case i broke down and called, i couldn't take the suspense Smiley Very Happy


if you decide to call -you may be happily surprised like i was. i was originally denied for Discover more than a year previous to my more recent app.  if your report looks better than it did when you received a denial a few months ago, maybe you'll get the right answer this time.  GL!


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Re: Discover card app 30-day message - denial?

I rec'd an invitation in the mail to apply for Discover and I am not what I would consider a candidate for their credit scrutiny.  I have also been opted out of receiving offers.  Could this be a legite offer, or follow my instincts and avoid a decline?
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Re: Discover card app 30-day message - denial?

don't be scared to call them, just dooooooo it Smiley Wink


seriously, even one little mistake that you could have made on the application, like wrong digit input on your social, or address, etc. could automatically make an application go to 30 day message instead of instant response.


good luck 

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Re: Discover card app 30-day message - denial?

When I applied for the Discover More card last year I received a 30-day reply. A few days later I get a strange call, but didn't bother picking it up. I looked up the number, and when I found out it was Discover, I immediately called them back. It turns out I was approved for a lower 'tier' and I just needed to okay the changes (different APR, etc.).


I would definitely call them. Chances are they just need to verify some information or okay a change like mine had.


Good luck! Smiley Happy 

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Re: Discover card app 30-day message - denial?

Hi Marie, welcome to the forums!


I got the 30 day message from Discover when I applied last June. I called in, verified some info (I remember it took a hot minute on the phone to give them all the info they wanted), and found out I was approved. 


All is not lost!

Here we go again...
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