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Discover card- earned income

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Re: Discover card- earned income

CreditCardWhore wrote:
Got to say - I am between 5 and 150 times more annoyed with this situation than the guy making little money who just got a bit behind in his payments or made 1 or 2 poor choices


because she one of my friends that live way above their means and thinks that she got it like that. She has to have the best of everything for her and her son. when things go crazy she calls me for advice. What makes it so bad is that she is in law enforcement works mad overtime or moonlights 2-3 jobs to go on 2-3 trips a year (before she pays her bills). Budget to her is a joke. oh yeah i have been to eviction court with her a couple of times. she is a sad case. 


rob peter to pay paul but can not pay peter back

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Oh believe me I know how you feel. i just sit and listen because everytime I tell her something. She goes behind my back to ask someone else and they tell her the same thing.My thing is if you do not believe me the first time then do not ask me. Karma. All her choices are bad ones. 


Hopefully she will learn from this. NOT

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