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Discover is a strange bird

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Discover is a strange bird

So I app'd and received a Discover card in Nov 2008. I had an online transfer offer of 3.9% for some period of time. Then in February, that offer changed to 9.99%. Ouch! So my pattern had been to use it up to about the limit each month and make several payments during the month. I decided to put my trip on there for $2400, which only leaves me a $600 available limit. I intend to pay it before the statement cuts on the 18th, but now when I look at my offers, I have a 1.99% and a 3.99% available. So when I had more available credit, the balance transfer was less lucrative. I wouldn't be surprised if after I pay this in a week or so, my offer will jump back to the 9.99%.


Are they the only ones that charge a 4% transfer fee? But they do cap at $150.

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Re: Discover is a strange bird

In terms of the balance transfer rate changing, that happened to me also. I got the card June 2008 then I think in Nov it changed to 9.99 and after my statement cut it went to 1.99.  I think what happens is, when you first get your card the 3.9 is a promotional rate for a set period of time. Once that time passes you are automatically changed to the 9.99%. I think after that time your account is reviewed and changed to the better rate ( new offer).

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