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Discover it miles

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Discover it miles

Today it crossed my mind to just get a discover miles card since it will be 3% back for the first year with the match.

Like a lot of us I wound up with a few cards that I don’t actually use/need.

today I sat down to hammer out a card strategy to match my spending. I’ve had my eye on the Uber visa for awhile but I keep talking myself out of applying due to the fear of a low limit and the Barclays reputation And I’m not quite sure if the propel is right either due to the Wells Fargo reputation


The majority of my spending is eating out/groceries/gas/streaming. I travel 3 times a year on average. Any input or suggestions appreciated my fico score according to discover is 763.

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Re: Discover it miles

Seems those cards are good options lol. I wouldnt worry about WF rep on this one. If you can get Propel, you should be fine. I got it and no probs whatsoeverSmiley Wink With Barclays just be app free for a couple months before or after to be safe(r)Smiley Wink

3% cashback is sweet to.Discover the WorldSmiley Happy
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Re: Discover it miles

Without knowing more about your profile, it's hard to guess 


Barclay is ...Barclay. If you did not open too many accounts recently, you may have a chance. They are not particulary fond of young files. 

You were previously denied by them for too many new accounts. If that hasn't changed, I would not expect a different result. 


I would not worry about WF's reputation. If you feel inclined to do so, you can read about some of the things other banks did. If Propel makes sense, go for it. WF is also not very friendly to young(er) files, especially with no existing depository relationship. 


Is BCE not working for you grocery wise? 

You also have Cash+, they have 5% category for streaming  and fast food, gas is  2% . 


It's unclear from your post what you're trying to maximize. 

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Re: Discover it miles

@BabyFaceNelson wrote:

Today it crossed my mind to just get a discover miles card since it will be 3% back for the first year with the match.


Discover Miles only makes sense if you have (or can have) a lot of uncategorized spend in that first year.   Given the easy availability of general 2% cards, and that Miles only "works" for a year, if you are limited in the number of apps you want to do, you need a lot of spend to make the extra 1% worthwhile vs another card with a bonus or more generous specific categories.   Especially since the extra 1.5% is delayed by average of 6 months.


That said, if it does fit, it works well.  And apparently, it can be churned.

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Re: Discover it miles

I hear mostly good things about the Propel so I wouldn’t worry about that.


The Uber is another well-liked card and GENERALLY Barclays isn’t bad. I had a card with them for awhile and even with months of no use, and then really high utilization, and then no use again, I never had any AA or anything. Customer service with them was also friendly. Just be careful of too many apps before or after.


But, yes, Disco is pretty great lol. I wouldn’t discourage the Miles idea. 

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Re: Discover it miles

How about looking at them this way::


Disco 3% for 12 months general spend

Uber - $100 for spending $500 + the normal perks

WF Propel - $300 for spending $3000

BCE - $150 / $1000

BCP - $250 / $1000 ($95 AF)


So, if you have the spend queued up it could be $455 in your pocket not including the $ you make for the actual charges.

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