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Discover mid-cycle reporting... again!

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Re: Discover mid-cycle reporting... again!

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I was very apprehensive before using my Discover card again after the last statement cycled. Last cycle I ran up a balance 2 days after the statement closed, which was promptly reported at Experian (though not at Equifax or TransUnion). This month, I made sure to wait until EX and EQ reflected an updated zero balance before spending again.


Today, almost 2 weeks into my new cycle, they reported my current balance of $310 to TransUnion! My TransRisk score c/o CreditKarma went from a 751 to a 723, but my TransUnion FICO c/o Walmart only went from 744 to 743. I guess this just goes to show how little value you can put into FAKO scores!


I'm to the point with my credit limits where a little utilization won't kill me, but it's just frustrating to see mid-cycle reporting after you've worked so hard to get a zero statement balance. I'm still waiting for $12,750 in CLIs to update on the rest of my cards, so I guess it won't make much of a difference after that.


Just wanted to give you all a heads-up that this seems to be the norm for Discover.

I want a Discover card and plan to app for it in march but this ult issue of mid-cycle reporting is a real inconvience unless you have 5 figure limits in total. Won't stop me from going after the card but I will have to adjust my spending habits so that the card is paid off a couple days after a purchase. Or I'll have to alternate using cards from month to month in order to avoid ult concerns during a month when I might need to use my credit.

Or, push a payment from your bank before making the purchases. Smiley Wink


Another good option!

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Re: Discover mid-cycle reporting... again!

I actually just called Discover today and asked if they could manually update my balance to reflect on my credit report and they said "sure no problem" so I will log into credit karma tomorrow and see if my new balance shows.

As of 2017, rebuilding...
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