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Discover pulled all 3 CBs

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Re: Discover pulled all 3 CBs

DI wrote:
If you are over 65, I sincerely admire you for navigating the Internet.  I work at a college, and many young adults do not have basic computer or Internet skills. 




I have been using computers and the internet for many years.  I will be 68 next month and going strong.  I never give up.  Don't know if I should say this, but I am still eyeing the women at my age.  Smiley Very Happy

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EQ 837 11/12/17
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Re: Discover pulled all 3 CBs

Cyrion wrote:
Dang, I wished I had known they were going to pull all three yesterday morning Smiley Very Happy Oh well, thanks for the info tho.

Hi Cyrion...don't worry....they may not pull all 3 for you. I know there was an issue with my app. Their computers were counting my HELOC as revolving credit. They pulled 2 of the bureaus when I originally apped and the 3rd when I called for recon. When I explained the HELOC, they approved me...but, as you can tell, they looked under every rock first.

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