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Discover, then Amex?

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Discover, then Amex?



I recently got approved for a Discover More card! happy about that!!! My question is: will Amex be able to approve me after they see that i have had the discover card for at least a year? What i mean is that if they see Discover with a nice limit as apose to Cap1 with a low limit, will they consider extending credit to me?



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Re: Discover, then Amex?

 You ask, I speculate as follows:


AmEx doesn't care whether your credit limit is X or Y with lender W or Z. They care about delinquencies and derogs. If you have few to zero delinq/derogs, you've got a shot; otherwise, not so much.

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Re: Discover, then Amex?

A clean report with low UT and a year or two of credit history with a couple cards should be an easy approval.

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Re: Discover, then Amex?

I got discover and Amex on the same day.
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Re: Discover, then Amex?

I got approved for both within a 24 hour period, instant approvals online - although the AmEx was a charge card and not a revolver.  (I just wanted to get in with them for the sake of backdating when I'm ready for a revolver card with them.)


I also got approved for both of those before any "nice limit" cards were showing on my CR... All that was showing were my rebuilders (Orchard - 200, BofA - 800, HSBC - 950) and my new VS card with a $500 limit.


I'd say if you're already apping places and picking up inquiries, you may as well try for whatever your heart desires.  The worst that happens is they say no.  The effect of the inquiries will all age off around the same time next year and you can do it again if you don't get what you want this time!

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Re: Discover, then Amex?

Once approved for Amex, they often do numberous soft pulls to see how you are paying your other accounts. Just fyi.

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Re: Discover, then Amex?

I got Discover and then AMEX within a week of each other.

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