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Discover watching us!!

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Discover watching us!!

I just called Discover to activate 2 AU I requested before my app spree (2 days ago). The lady on the phone was extremely nice and everything went smoothly and we were done in less than a minute. Then she told me how they appreciated my business and were happy to have me as a customer and if they could count on me to keep using my card.

I told her I would be glad to use it more but my CL was stuck at 1000 and I had never received an increase. Told her citi just gave me 3000CL and if they could match it, I would be more than happy to forget about citi´s better rewards program and keep my loyalty to discover. . . she offered me to help me with a CLI request and obviously I was denied.


I pulled my credit report on 7/4/12 and saw last time Discover had softed me was on 6/28/2012.

I do not know if they softed me this month after my app spree.


Is there any way Discover would know of my recent app spree?? They have never told me they value my mere 1000 limit with them. And even if they just did, they are still not going to raise it. lol?


or maybe I am just being paranoid here and actually got a nice lady on the phone XD

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Re: Discover watching us!!

These lenders know everything about us.


They soft many, each and every month, just to keep tabs.

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