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Discover won’t take card suspension off

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Discover won’t take card suspension off

I had defaulted on my discover card about three years ago due to a loss of job. This loss of income caused a few other credit cards (capital one and chase) to go to collections. Between chase and capital one, I owe about 7k currently and have set up a payment plan with them. As for discover, they sent me a special offer in the mail. The offer said that if I agree to start making payments again, they’d put $300 towards the debt I owed them. Now during this time I received the offer, my account was suspended. I agreed to the offer with a phone rep, and he said once I pay my balance in full, I’d have my spending privileges restored. I came into some money 4 months ago and paid off the discover card in full. I called to have my card reactivated right after the payoff and was told that I need to give it some time before it was possible. I called back a month later and got the same speech. Now it’s 4 months since paying my account in full and I called again. I was able to escalate the issue over the phone to a manager. I was told that an automated system is in charge of deciding whether or not I can get my card privileges restored, not a person. He said once a month on the 5th of the month; the system does a check against its company criteria to see if I met it. He said that the only way the system will remove the suspension, is if all collections accounts on my credit report are reported as paid in full with a zero balance. Which means since I owe capital one and chase around 7k, until that is paid in full, I can forget about using my discover card. Its disheartening to hear this because it will take years before those are paid. I’ve paid off all debt that was precollections, set up payment arrangements with debt that is in collections, and paid their card off in full. I feel they should be helping customers who are showing a turn around and over all good credit behaviors. I’m very disappointed with Discover
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Re: Discover won’t take card suspension off

Welcome to the forum, Renzo - 


I completely understand your frustration, but is your disappointment in Disco truly warranted in this scenario?  They paid $300 towards your debt with them(!)?  I've never heard of a cc company doing such a thing - that's pretty great of them.  They also didn't close your account / send it to collections, they only suspended it?; meaning, when the time comes,  spending privileges can be reinstated and you keep the age of your account -- that's also pretty great.   From their perspective, an open 7K debt between two other banks is a pretty huge risk - so it makes sense that they won't reinstate your account at this time. They likely wouldn't approve someone for a new card if they have two open collections with fairly high balances owed.   I get that the agreement was to reinstate after your Disco debt was paid in full -- but I'm sure those terms included a clause with regards to meeting lending requirements as well. 


Have you tried negotiating a lesser settelment amount with the Chase & Cap One collection agencies?  Many times, even if the account is settled, you can negotiate to have it reported as 'paid in full' instead of 'settled for less'.    Hang in there and see the bright side -- Disco will be there waiting when you get your debts squared away and that will be a huge help in your credit rebuild.  Best of luck to you. 

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Re: Discover won’t take card suspension off

Thank you for sharing a new perspective. I now feel more positive about what’s happening then before sharing my story. You’re very kind.
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Re: Discover won’t take card suspension off

Unfortunately, this is how it is with credit. Everything is becoming automated. Previously, you would have been able to speak to an analyst to plead your case, but those days are disappearing fast. In addition, those that fulfill their credit obligations are treated worse than someone who wrote off all their debt. I've been rebuilding for over 2 years, slowly chipping away at my collections. As you can see in my sig, companies are willing to give me a chance, but the cards don't grow. Had I filed bankruptcy 4 years ago, I would no doubt, have scores in the 700s and 5 figure credit limits. Based on what I've seen, I'd have higher limits than what I have now, in less than a year, while a couple of my cards below are at 4 year marks. It isn't fair. At this point, I owe so little that it isn't worth filing. Just have to pay it off and wait it out for another 3 years. At least I can feel good about taking care of what I had promised to do in the first place.

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