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I have been good willing the poo out of my baddies with no avail... That said... Not giving up! 


Ive been looking at discover for while. I applied a while back and was denied even on recon. The gentleman I talked to was so nice and gave me advice on what I should do to prepare to apply again. I had one card in DMP when I applied and he said pay it off and be done with you and you should be good. He mentioned that he saw my lates, including my 90-day and said that shouldnt be a problem either because the card is closed and fully paid. He also suggested that my util be under 20% which I already knew from here. With that said, is there a good possibility that I could get accepted? baddies in the signature.

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Re: Discover?

I would expect a relatively low limit but with your scores I think you have a shot


Edit: I misread your scores, I have to agree with the poster below that you should wait until scores are higher.  Sorry about that

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Re: Discover?

If I were you, I would wait til TU/EQ Fico is at least 680.

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Re: Discover?

Thanks guys. Hoping that my barrage of GW letters works in the near future!

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Re: Discover?

Wait and be patient........

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