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Dispute CC balance

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Dispute CC balance

I have some cards that are not reporting the current balance they are still open accounts and I want to bring up my score. Should I dispute the balances or is there a chance they will close the accounts if I dispute them?



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Re: Dispute CC balance

This happened to me with a store card for a while. They would only report if I had a balance, and they would never update to show that it was back to $0.

First start by calling the CCC's and asking them to report. If they won't, you'll have to dispute with the CRA's. But do that as a last resort. I had to dispute my store card balance twice (different times, different balances), and the second time, Experian refused to fix it, saying that they had already done so. No, morons, this was a new problem, sheesh.

But once EQ and TU contacted the lender for the second dispute, the $0 balance showed up on all three, including EX.

So you might try disputing only with EQ or TU and seeing if that will trigger the lenders to update to all three. If they don't, or if this happens again, you could then use TU or (gulp) EX.

btw, once I had to do this twice, the lender (WFNNB for J.Crew) now updates every month, balance or no. Which there usually isn't.

eta: they shouldn't drop the accounts, since they are still open accounts. I sure wouldn't want to do this with closed accounts though, unless you were willing to say bye-bye to them forever. When you dispute, use the "incorrect balance" option, or similar jargon.
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