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Disputing a credit card transaction - damaged merchandise

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Disputing a credit card transaction - damaged merchandise

Hi Fico -


Im not sure if this is a question for myfico forums, however I will try to ask


I had made a purchase for speakers costing me 1795.00.   I used 2 of my capitalone cards.  I received the products damaged.  I emailed and emailed the merchant for a full refund and an RMA # since I received this product damaged.  Their own policy states damaged products ship back to them plus get a full refund.  Their own website policy states that, "Any products sent back to them without an RMA # will get refused."


So heres the thing.  They are refusing to give me an RMA #.  I have asked them Politly via email over 15-20 times.  But they are just refusing.  Dont they have to abide by their own policies on their own website, stating I can return these speakers and get a full refund.  Since they wont give me an RMA #, should I still send them back even though they will ship them back to me (which would cost me double shipping charges, due to shipping them there and then back to me when they refuse them)


I have dusputed with capitalone, however, they said they cannot help me on this matter as I have not returned the speakers???  How can I when they are refusing to give me an RMA #???  The place I bought these from (Via Internet) warns me not to send them back without an RMA # or they will refuse it and send it back to me.  So how am I going to return these like CapitalOne says I should (regarding a return date)?  


Is there anything I can do?  Is there some law of some sort I need to mention to CaptialOne about protecting consumers?  I am lost here.  I am so nervoius as I cannot afford to buy another pair of speakers for christmas as these were a present?


Thank you guys for your help on this matter

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Re: Disputing a credit card transaction - damaged merchandise

I forgot to mention that I saved all my email conversations with this merchant and sent them to capitalone, but they still say we need a return date.  I also sent photos of the damage to captialone as well   Emails regarding their fishy outfit. 
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Re: Disputing a credit card transaction - damaged merchandise

Did they say why they are refusing to give you an RMA number? Have you tried calling a phone number to speak to an actual person? Have you explained to Captial One that they are refusing to adhere to their return policy? Perhaps a call from the CC would help if Capital One offers such as service.




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Re: Disputing a credit card transaction - damaged merchandise

I tried emailing them but hence have been blocked my email address. Everytime I email the Merchant now, my email comes back this is a warning message, delievery to recipient has failed.


Before them blocking my email address, I asked them if they had a phone #, and they replied, Sorry we do not currently have a phone service.  We offer very fast email service.  However, it takes them 4 days to email me back everytime I am asking for an RMA # and a full refund.  But they just refuse.


CapitalOne just says they need a return date?  But if I send them back they will just get sent back to me as the merchant will just refuse them

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Re: Disputing a credit card transaction - damaged merchandise

Who is the merchant you purchased from, ooc? 


Not to be a Monday morning quarterback, but I don't think I would ever purchase that much stuff from a company that doesn't even have a phone number.


Maybe try contacting the BBB and see if they can help.

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Re: Disputing a credit card transaction - damaged merchandise

I wouldnt order from a "supposed" business either, however, the merchants webpage mentions a toll free number to call so I just assumed they had a phone; I mean what sort of business doesnt have a phone service?  So I ordered the speakers since there webpage looked legit, as they have a good "written" policy, however they are not abiding by there own policy. 


There policy also states "Tower speaker ship freight" due to their weight however my tower speakers (110 pounds together) shipped FedEx Ground.  This is the reason why the damage occured in the first place.  I ordered under the assumstion my product would arrive safely via fedex freight.  They even made me believe I was paying for Freight, as I paid a hefty shipping fee and this heftt price on shipping correlates with freight shipping.  I think they were just trying to sucker me into giving them more money.


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Re: Disputing a credit card transaction - damaged merchandise

I know this is again, hindsight 20/20, but:


1.  Never buy from an online merchant that you are not familiar with by experience.

2.  If you wish to consider a new merchant, check out the various online "Merchant Ratings" or "Merchant Reviews"

3.  Only buy if the merchant has great ratings and feedback ( a lot of it) through a reputable third party review or rating system.

4.  Use a credit card that offers buyer protections and buyer advocacy.  Not all cards are equal in this area.  AMEX and BoA are great in this area.

5.  Never buy on price alone.  If it is below the price of known, reputable, online discounters, then its probably a scam.  Check newegg, tigerdirect, frys and even walmart.  Prices, except certain "specials" shouldn't be significantly different.....if it is, then be wary.


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Re: Disputing a credit card transaction - damaged merchandise

In this day and age there are so many reputable online electronic stores (like the ones txjohn mentioned) that I would never consider any others. That said I came to this conclusion a few years ago when I was burnt during an online transaction. Legit looking webpages are so easy to make that everyone needs to use online stores that they themselves have personal experience with or at least know someone with personal experience with that company.  
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Re: Disputing a credit card transaction - damaged merchandise

At this point I would immediately file a chargeback claim with the CCC.  You are not going to get any satisfaction from the merchant who seem to be dodging you, and for all you know may be going out of business (no phone is not a good sign).  You have done everything you can do to try to settle the issue with the merchant.  Call the CCC and start the process, they take this action seriously and they have to initiate a chargeback procedure under Federal law.  I'm not sure what CapitalOne was talking about when they said they couldn't help you, but that is bogus.  Keep all the emails and documentation you have, and print a screenshot of the return policy.  Do not delay in starting this process as you are just banging your head against a wall in continuing to try to solve this via email with the merchant.  It won't work.


Audio gear is a specialty item and frankly, most of the stuff sold at the big box stores and the big electronic retailers is not true audiophile quality.  It is not made to the highest specs nor made for long term reliability (there are exceptions).  I have used many small audiophile online companies that sell esoteric and little known audio gear and have never had one issue with delivery or service. This includes speakers and electronic equipment, so don't be afraid to use smaller companies.  I don't know who you bought from but it certainly seems they are a shady outfit (it can happen).  As always you have to do your due diligence and if there is any doubt call them up and talk to them.  If they can't take the time to talk to you on the phone they aren't worthy of your business.  We sometimes get too focused on doing everything via the web and lose sight that there are human beings on the other end of the supply chain.  Good luck. 

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