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Do I have too many cards???

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Re: Do I have too many cards???

You have 13 cards.   That is the perfect number of CC.    Do nothing.

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Re: Do I have too many cards???

If you can manage them that is fine, but all those limits are pretty low. Myself personally, I have 15 active revolving accounts, but I plan on cutting about 8 or so early next year as ,my credit has improve to wear I will be in prime land next year. 

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Re: Do I have too many cards???

As long as you have money in your checking, I would set them all to autopay. That way you don't mess up.

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Re: Do I have too many cards???

You have quite alot. As long as you are able to keep track of them all..YMMV

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Re: Do I have too many cards???

13 are not to many. However, do not use them all at once. Rotate them, like a couple of store cards this month and a couple next if you shop there frequently. We had 26 cards in our  younger years. Many were store cards, but they all had good limits plus extra discounts. I did not carry them all. When my wife and I went shopping, we decided where we might head and for what, so I took those specific cards and used them. Later, as tastes changed,we began not using certain store cards. They were closed by the lenders over time for inactivity. Our Fico credit scores peaked at 843. The bank showed me that score when I purchased a new car. It was a terrific rush.

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Re: Do I have too many cards???

greenspan wrote:

My scores went up to a high of 648 recently and with recent applications and approvals I think I have too many cards.  Here they are with their limits

GE/Old Navy $200

GE/GAP $200

GE/Walmart $400

GE/Amazon $600

Macys $300

Shell Gas $500

Texaco Gas $350

Citi Thank You $2500

Bank of Americard $1000

Cap 1 $500

Orchard Bank/ Cap 1 $500

Capital One Business $750

Barclays NFL $500


Is this too many?  If so what should I close?  My utiization is around 10% total.

That's a very subjective question. As others have mentioned, some do well with 2-3 cards, others with a handful of cards, still others with lots of cards.  By asking the quesiton, one could assume that YOU think you MIGHT have too many cards.  If you're not comfortable managing that many cards, sock drawer some of them, and as others have suggested, work on the CLI of the cards you are most likely to use.

My suggestion:  Pick one (or at most two) card(s) as your "go to" card, the one you will use most frequently.  Those that are not in the sock drawer, simply rotate them occasionally, PIF, and be done with them.  Another way of management of cards is to use one specific card for one specific purpose, ie, gas purchases on one card, groceries on another card, etc.  I've used both methods for the cards that I have, and usually use either my CSP or JPM Select as my "go to" cards. 


As the cards age, your scores will go up.  Keeping your utilization down and PIF each month are important and never ever be late !

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Re: Do I have too many cards???


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Re: Do I have too many cards???

general rule of thumb if you have to ask you probably have too any. but it's better than having not enough.


my friend went to get a credit card with Chase and only got approved for $500 freedom card since he only had 1 credit card for 3 years they didn't trust him enough.


I had 3 credit cards for 1 year and I got approved for $8,000 in one year of history which is funny cause technically we have the same number of good payment history. 36-40 months of history.


Although now I'm managing 9 credit cards for me and my family put together.  But a lot are store cards which are little to no benefit to you, besides occassional coupons or promotion newsletters which you could sign up for anyways. After getting Prime cards I would start to cut some of the bad accounts away imo.

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Re: Do I have too many cards???

I have more and i dont think i have too many. Im planning on apping on at least 6 more...
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Re: Do I have too many cards???

I don't know that you have too many cards, but I'd say you have too many store cards IMHO.  They generally just don't have close to the benefits of rewards credit cards.  I'd axe all the store cards, garden for several months, and apply for a Chase Freedom or an Amex charge card.  Good luck - looks like your credit's on its way up!

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