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Do I have too many credit cards?

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Re: Do I have too many credit cards?

I dont think you do, but to get higher limits in the future, I's close:
Best Buy
Amazom Visa (maybe combine limit w other Chase card)

As long as you aren't running up balances, you're just fine to have a s*** ton of unused credit. The amount of avail cred you have really is dependent on your income.
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Re: Do I have too many credit cards?

Why close them?  Instead, just freeze the unused ones.  Personally, I'd start with the lower CL ones, especially the store cards.  The additional credit limit is handy for overall utilization but if it is a hassle to maintain that many just let them chill.  Over time you might get them closed by the issuer for non use anyway.  It depends on the age of the accounts as well.

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Re: Do I have too many credit cards?

guys the op posted this in june..... 

and said he would app for a new card in september....

Current: Discover Fico 709 3/15 Walmart Fico 743 4/15

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Re: Do I have too many credit cards?

If you do....then I certainly do


Amex green

Amex Gold Premier

Amex Platnum

Amex Blue Cash Preferred

Chase Slate

Chase Freedom

Chase Saphire Preferred

Wells Fargo Platnum

Wells Fargo Platnum Rewards

Credit union Platnum Visa

Penfed Platnum Visa Rewards


Citbank Platnum Select

USAA World Mastercard

US Bank visa

Nationwide Bank Visa

Capital One Visa

Capital One Cash Rewards

Legacy Visa

Blaze Visa

Coretrust Mastercard

1st Savings Mastercard

Blaze Mastercard

Chevron/Texaco Visa

Exxon Mobil Gas Card

JC Pennies

Home Depot

Credit union Personal Line of Credit


Just Manage them.......its not that hard......sit down and figure out what each does for you and where to best apply each. Manage by memorizing all your statement dates, due dates, passwords, and use mobile alerts as well as email alerts. Practice paying in full almost all the time, and never miss a payment. Pay above the minimums if you can't pay in full. If you can't pay in full, pay off the balance in two months if possible.. Do this consistently. Watch what you charge...never use the cards for gambling....excessive trips to the liquor store..etc. Try to never do a balance transfer, never take a cash advance on any card....and watch your scores go thru the roof. I have watched those that grow with me and have closed 8 cards in the last year. I will be closing 4 more within a couple of months. But I will open a new one only for higher credit limits and if I believe they will grow with me over time. My credit score skips back and forth from high 700's into low 800's. It gets easier over time and almost routine.

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