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Do Inq Count When An Auto CLI is done...

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Do Inq Count When An Auto CLI is done...


When a bank does a auto CLI and it is a soft pull and they see lots inq in two years (over 20), can that alone decline you for an increase even if your score has increased 60 points do to paying down your debt from a utl of 88 % to 6 %


I have not received a CLI on my citicard ever.  I had the card since Sept 2009, it was secured from Sept 2009 until April of 2011 (18 months) it unsecured but I never got an incease


By the end of Dec all of debt will be at about 6 % util and my Fico should be about 686.  I think people on this board have been approved for their cards with that score...BUT I have a that could kill my chances for the increase....  BUT I hope it does not


So, my question inq count against you more then utl % when it comes to soft pulls and CLI?

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Re: Do Inq Count When An Auto CLI is done...

Too many Inq's on their own can be the basis of denial, regardless of what your util is.

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Re: Do Inq Count When An Auto CLI is done...

Well if you keep having inquiries month thru month then most likely it will be hard to get auto CLI and the same will go for requested ones also. If you request one it may be a HP on your credit. It also depends when was the last time you had an may have 30 inquiries but they could have been all from a year lenders usually look at inquries that happen within a 6 maybe 12 month period..hope this info helps.

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Re: Do Inq Count When An Auto CLI is done...

If I'm not mistaken I am reading this that OP is wondering about SP counting against them for 2 years?

SP are not seen by anyone except you when you pull reports from the CB.

If you have Citi I would request it, they are usually SP and I believe ask you if they need to do HP to go forward with the request, in my experience of others it is instant online and SP.


If you are not getting an auto increase, I would request yourself... and no auto increase would not be a HP.

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Re: Do Inq Count When An Auto CLI is done...

Why do you have 30 inquiries in less than 2 years? What else is going on? It appears you may need to garden for one or two years. That many inquiries are scaring everybody.

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