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Do MyFico High Rollers Ever Laugh at Us Peasants?

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Re: Do MyFico High Rollers Ever Laugh at Us Peasants?

Pilotdude wrote:

Johnny_Favorite wrote:

Just wondering if you guys with $35,000 JP Morgan cards and such ever read about dudes like me getting their first $500 Victoria's Secret card and chuckle to yourselves? Do you ever just stare in the mirror and say, "You made it baby, you're not like those peasants at Myfico bragging about their $150 Beall's store card."


This is a lighthearted post so hope nobody gets offended. It's meant in jest. Still, it has to be pretty amusing for guys with high credit to see some of the posts here.

This is a great topic OP.  Now let me just twist the living daylights out of it a bit..Smiley LOL


I am not a "High roller" as you prolly mean...but...

I do live in California where there are more "medicinal weed" stores (Collectives) than 7-11's  in asking if I am a high roller, the answer is open to a certain interpretation...but


I did just get Reward points for buying a fat bag at the store after also getting reward points for paying the Dr to issue the prescription.
...and now  I can legally roll while high. 


I am pretty sure this is not exactly what you really meant but hehe.




I am totally joking btw. Smiley Happy


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Re: Do MyFico High Rollers Ever Laugh at Us Peasants?

CreditScholar wrote:

indiolatino61 wrote:

I presume that everyone on this site is here because of past credit problems and errors, and had to start from scratch again. I sure do hope we are all hear to help each other and not scoff at was once everyone's situation here on MyFico.

Some people simply have an interest in points/rewards cards. They are in the minority on these boards, but they do exist.



I fixed my screwups long before many of these sites were around. Actually stumbled here looking for accurate scoring and have hung around just to see what others have to say about reward and travel cards. Good group of people, interesting topics and lots of valuable info. I'll throw my opinion in on occasions. 

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