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Do all AMEX revolvers qualify for 3xcli?


Do all AMEX revolvers qualify for 3xcli?

For example, does the Macy's amex qualify?


I am trying to build up my credit and hit that elusive $5,000 cl. My ultimate goal is a CSP, but it's my understanding that they like to see a $5,000 limit on another card before they will issue.


Even though I am an AMEX member in good standing since 2005, which revolver could I qualify for with a 675 myfico TU? I plan on applying after I start working again.

My utilization is currently 9% on my 2 credit cards, cap1, 750   and Chase AU, 2000

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Re: Do all AMEX revolvers qualify for 3xcli?

macys amex is not an amex except in the fact its using the amex network, it is not issued by american express

CSP-$8700, Amex BCE-17.2k, Chase Freedom-$5700
Discover It-$6600, USAA MC-$5900 Ink Bold- $12k United Explorer-$5k
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