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Do banks generally grant higher limits?

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Do banks generally grant higher limits?

Hi all. I'm a college student and have a bank account with PNC. I work part time and my annual income is a little over 9k. I got approved for a CapOne journey with only a 300$ limit. Now, two of my friends, who work a little more than me, so maybe make about 10 or 11k annual income, have been approved for credit cards by their bank for 1000$+ limits


So my question is, should a member of a bank apply for a credit card with that bank? Do banks generally grant higher limits to their members? Should I apply for credit with PNC? 

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Re: Do banks generally grant higher limits?

I feel like banking relationships improve approval/terms/limits.


However, a high FICO shall set you free.....


just think about what would be good for your FICO. Remember that C1 accounts typically do not grow. I'd recommend opening some GE accounts!

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Re: Do banks generally grant higher limits?

Crapone wont grow as already stated. GE cards do grow so that could be an option for you or a credit union who tend to more generous than banks.

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