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Do creditors also look at “credit discarding “ behavior?

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Re: Do creditors also look at “credit discarding “ behavior?

There's not a lot of data about this question, in general. There is specific data about, for example, closing an Amex within a year of opening a card and getting a SUB (not good). But for the types of cards in question in this thread, I don't think it matters. My own rule is that I won't close a card within a year of opening it if I care about my relationship with that lender. If I don't care about my relationship with that lender, then any time is fair game.


This is purely anecdotal, but I opened and closed three secured cards in 2019, still got approved for a bunch of cards afterward, then closed two Amex cards in 2020 after they hit 13 months, still got approved for CLIs with multiple lenders including Amex and Citi afterward. JMO YMMV.

FICO Resilience Index: 66. Cards: 14/24, 0/12, 0/6. Accounts including loans: 17/24, 1/12, 0/6. At first accidentally, later deliberately, I used what I call the "thick-start" build method, which leads to heavy credit-seeking for a while with the goal of coming out of it without needing to build a thin profile for years. There are pros and cons. Thread describing method
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