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Do they look at avg utilization or current util?

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Do they look at avg utilization or current util?

I was wondering if your FICO score is based on your current credit utilization or if they look at the average utilization for a given period. Ive had a credit card for about a year and a half and when I first got it I had a crappy $300 credit limit, with such a low credit limit I couldnt help but come close to maxing it out when a big purchase had to be made. I never maxed it out or went over but I probably came close to 90% a couple times and definitely spent several months with it over 50%.


Since the limit was so small it wasnt hard at all to pay the entire thing off quickly, so for the past 6 months or so Ive had it under 30% and a few months with no balance. They automatically raised my limit up to $700 while I was keeping it around 0.


Right now I have 2 cards with a combined util of like 6%. Will my FICO score be based on my current balance or will the score be hurt by my high util months of 2007? I tried a couple different FICO "calculators" online and they said my credit score is between 735-785, but they only asked my current balance rather than if I ever had a balance use up more than x% of my limit.

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Re: Do they look at avg utilization or current util?

Hi, welcome to the forums!

Your scores are just a snapshot of what's on your credit reports at the very moment that they are pulled. The scoring formula neither knows nor cares what your util has been up to. It does "know" how long accounts have been opened, when any derogatories occurred and so forth, but util is strictly the current figure.

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Re: Do they look at avg utilization or current util?

Thanks, thats good to hear.
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Re: Do they look at avg utilization or current util?

Your utilization is only what you're carrying right now... but other details do show up on your credit report, like what your highest balance on a particular card has been.


I don't think that's detail matters in your FICO score but I've always wondered if the CCC will look at that number and consider it when they consider granting you a CLI.

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