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Dodgeball finds true love NFCU !

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Re: Dodgeball finds true love NFCU !

dodgeball wrote:

Well today I made a phone call to NFCU and asked if I reached my internal limits. To my suprise after calling back to the Underwriters they said no. So knowing me and willing to take a chance I asked for a CLI. Soft Pull approved both my Cash Rewards and Signature Rewards. So I am back to 20k a piece on these cards. I got to say that I am in love with NFCU.

That's great! Congratulations!!

Starting Score: 639 (Walmart TU)
Current Score: TU 715 (Barclay) EX 685 (myFICO) EQ 697 (myFICO)
Goal Score: 700 Across the Board (Mortgage Goal Achieved 1/31/2012!)

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Re: Dodgeball finds true love NFCU !

We just opened an NFCU savings account. They are going to be the first card we app for now that we are above 600 again. Threads like this give me great hope that NFCU is going to be the best financial company to start a new credit future with.

I feel like I've been through a bitter divorce and myFico set me up on a blind date with NFCU!
Congrats on your increase. Smiley Very Happy

Starting my rebuild!

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