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Does Alaska Visa Sig report CL?

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Re: Does Alaska Visa Sig report CL?

It sucks that they don't. It used to report but now it does not.


It is my highest CL but reports as my third lowest.


I have been considering doing a BT close to the limit to accounts with $0 balance and just cashing checks to pay it off, or opening a Slate and transferring to it and back again to get a limit to report. I don't want AA from my other accounts if I use the card and leave a balance higher then what is reported for longer then a month or two when purchasing tickets, hotels etc, so I have been pulling cash from my checking to PIF it. That is the only thing keeping me from using it all the time is that it does not report the CL.

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Re: Does Alaska Visa Sig report CL?

You may consider doing a product change if you prefer that limit to report.

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